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WBCA All-Star Classic

The 40th WBCA All-Star Classic

72 of Wisconsin's finest senior baseball players will be picked and will be playing in the Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Association All-Star Classic, held in Oshkosh, on June 28th and June 29th.  Only players whose coaches are WBCA members are eligible.

Participants can find links to information about the Classic below!  We look forward to seeing you in Oshkosh on the All-Star Classic weekend.

Parents and Friends: Book your rooms early!  If you have trouble getting a room in Oshkosh, consider Appleton, which, is a short drive and will have plenty of rooms available.

Chad Montez

Waukesha West: EAST representative

Phone: (262) 441-8811

Ron Kading

Potosi: SOUTH representative

Phone: (608) 763-2024

Joe Waite

Cumberland: Program Coordinator

Phone: 715-418-3149

If you need to fax anything, please use this number: 715.822-5138

Eric Beard

Wrightstown: NORTH representative

Phone: 920-858-4982

Mark Fuller

Cumberland: WEST representative

Phone: (715) 822-2399

Nominate your players for the All-Star Classic

Head high school coaches who are WBCA members should nominate deserving seniors for the All-Star Classic.

Needed by MAY 4TH, all information on any Senior you wish to nominate for the All-Star Classic!  Turn in to your regional chair.

REMEMBER, YOU MUST BE AN ASSOCIATION MEMBER TO NOMINATE!! If you are not, please do not send info.

First, find out if the player you are nominating will play if selected!

Then send info such as:
1. Current senior season statistics and career stats if appropriate.
2. Positions they can play, including their BEST position.
3. Are they a good kid? Any suspensions?
4. Their home address.
5. Their cell phone numbers.

Remember, they must be one of the best 72 seniors in the State in your estimation.  Please get us any names of others you've seen this year we should consider.

Email nominations to the coach below who represents your region:

You can email your nominations directly to the coach of your region below, or you are welcomed to use the Excel form below.

Tony Gerharz

Oshkosh West: All-Star Classic Chair

Phone: 920-312-4230

2021 All-Star Classic

2021 All-Star Classic Scores:

  • Game 1: NORTH 4 - SOUTH 2 (8 INNINGS)
  • Game 2: EAST 7 - WEST 7 (9 INNINGS)
  • Game 3: EAST 4 - SOUTH 0
  • Game 4: WEST 8 - NORTH 0
  • Game 5: WEST 10 - SOUTH 3
  • Game 6: EAST 8 - NORTH 4